11 December 2021 Current Affairs

11 December 2021 Current Affairs

11 December 2021 Current Affairs, current affairs 2021, Daily current affairs with historical events, daily current GK, current affairs with static Gk

01. Microsoft Launches Cyber ​​Security Skills Training Program In India
02. The Union Cabinet approved the project of connecting the Ken-Betwa river
03. Global Health Protection Index 2021 released, India ranked 66th
04. RBI grants scheduled bank status to Paytm Payments Bank
05. Manipur won the title of Women’s National Football Championship 2021
06. Haiderpur Wetland of Uttar Pradesh gets the status of Ramsar Site
07. Indian Architect Balkrishna Doshi Awarded Britain’s Royal Gold Medal 2022
08. UN General Assembly accords observer status to International Solar Alliance
09. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Ranked 37th In Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women In The World
10. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate ‘Saryu Canal National Project’ in Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh today
11. International Anti-Corruption Day observed on December 1.09

Panchang includes the main events of history    11 December 2021 Current Affairs

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11 December 2021

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Today on Saturday Margashirsha Sudi Ashtami after 19:15 Navami begins, Shri Durgashtami fast, Shri Annapurnashtami, Panchak continues, Violent Bhadra till 07:12, Sarvadoshnasak Ravi Yoga from 22:32, Shri Osho Rajneesh Janmotsav, Shri Pranab Mukherjee Birthday, Actor Dilip Kumar Birthday, Sitar player Sri Ravi Shankar Memorial Day, Sri Vishwanathan Anand Birthday, International Mountain Day and World Children’s Fund Day (UNICEF Foundation Day, United Nations).

Tomorrow on Sunday Margashirsha Sudi Navami till 20:05 after Dashami starts, Kalpadi Navami, Shri Mahananda Devi Navami / Worship, Nandini Navami, Vyatipat Punyam, Mool Sgnak Nakshatra from 24:00, Sarvarthasiddhiyog / Karyasiddhiyoga from sunrise to 24:00 Till, all-defective Ravi Yoga continues, Panchak continues, Sri Rajinikanth Birthday, Cricketer Mr. Yuvraj Singh Birthday, Sri Ramanand Sagar Punya Divas, Sri Maithilisharan Gupt Memorial Day, Sri Jaydevappa Halappa Patel Memorial Day, Sri Nityananda Swami Memorial Day, Sacrifice / Swadeshi Day: Sacrifice of Babu Genu: Swadeshi Day, Universal Health Coverage Day and International Day of Neutrality.

Important events of 11th December                11 December 2021 Current Affairs

1618 – A peace treaty is signed between Russia and Poland.
1687 – The East India Company created a municipal corporation in Madras (India).
1780 – General Goddard captures the Basin Fort in Bombay.
1845 – The First Anglo-Sikh War begins.
1858 – Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and Yadunath Bose became the first graduates of arts from the University of Calcutta.
1907 – The Parliament of New Zealand is completely destroyed by fire.
1913 – The world-famous Mona Lisa painting is recovered two years after it was stolen from the museum.
1931 – British Parliament gives legislative independence to Canada, Australia, South Africa.
1937 – The European country of Italy came out of the Allied League.
1946 – Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected President of the Constituent Assembly of India.
1946 – The European country of Spain is suspended from the United Nations.
1949 – Khashaba Jadhav – defeated the competitor in Nagpur’s wrestling competition within just five minutes.
1960 – A special postage stamp of 15 new paise was also issued in honor of UNICEF, an international organization engaged in child development.
1964 – UNICEF of the United Nations is established.
1967 – A 6.5 magnitude earthquake kills 170 people in western India.
1969 – The constitution is adopted in the African country of Libya.
1994 – The then President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, attacks Chechen rebels and sends troops to their territory.
1997 – All countries of the world agree to cut emissions of greenhouse countries.
1998 – Best Jury Award for Best Role in Tamil film ‘Terrorist’ at 23rd Cairo International Film Festival to Ayesha Dharker.

2002 – Spanish navy intercepts a North Korean ship carrying Scud missiles in the Arabian Sea.
2003 – 73 countries sign the first Anti-Corruption Agreement in Merida.
2007 – Rail service between North and South Korea resumes after 50 years.
2019 – Indian Space Research Organization- ISRO successfully launched observation satellite RISAT-2 BR One from Sriharikota.
2019 – Parliament approves the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019; Rajya Sabha passed the bill by 125 votes to 105.

The person born on 11th December   11 December 2021 Current Affairs

1810 – Alfred Domosé – famous French writer and poet in Paris.
1882 – Subrahmanya Bharathi, Tamil poet.
1931 – Osho Rajneesh – religious agitator.
1935 – Pranab Mukherjee, former President of the country, former Foreign Minister, former Finance Minister, was born in Birbhum, West Bengal.
1969 – Vishwanath Anand, the king of chess, was born.
1969 – Jyotirmoyee Sikdar – One of the famous female runners of India.
1967 – Lissie Samuel – Indian female cricketer of One Day International cricket.

Died on 11th December             11 December 2021 Current Affairs

1666 – Franz Helz, Holland’s eminent painter, dies at the age of 82.
1938 – Jagat Narayan Mulla – Famous lawyer and famous public activist of Uttar Pradesh in his time.
1949 – Krishna Chandra Bhattacharya – a famous philosopher who studied Hindu philosophy.
1998 – Kavi Pradeep, famous poet and lyricist.
2012- Ravi Shankar – Bharat Ratna Awarded Famous Sitar player.
2017 – Sunita Jain – Modern Hindi and English novelist and novelist.
2019 – George Lorre, the inventor of the barcode, dies.

Important occasions and festivals of 11th December                            Our Telegram

Shari Osho Rajneesh Birthday.
Shari Pranab Mukherjee Birthday.
Actor Dilip Kumar Birthday.
Sitar maestro Sri Ravi Shankar Memorial Day.
Shari Viswanathan Anand Birthday.
International Mountain Day.
World Children’s Fund Day (UNICEF Foundation Day, United Nations).

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