Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education – Courses & Fees 2024-2025

Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education: Care for Excellence in Education

Discover the journey of Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) in Patna, Bihar. It has become a sunlight of excellence in paramedical and nursing education. It focuses on growing skills, qualifying people, and affecting communities.

Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education - Courses & Fees 2024-2025

Explore its best courses & fee structure, academic divisions, and purpose of AIHE. How Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education prepares grads for success in healthcare. It also empowers women, promotes rural growth, encourages tech expertise, and much more read the full article for more info.

Introduction to Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education

Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) is located in Patna, Bihar. It has become a ray of excellence. AIHE is affiliated with Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna. It is dedicated to providing good education in paramedical and nursing. Let’s start with the institution’s journey, goal, academic divisions, and the impacts that it made.

Journey of Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education (AIHE)

AIHE was founded for one purpose: to level up education standards in paramedical and nursing. As we explore its growth, let’s understand the key aspects that explain AIHE:

Purpose of Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education

AIHE motivates to continue skills improvement. It also encourages respect for individual abilities.

The institute offers training in health and professional education. It also ensures that students stay updated with the latest knowledge.

  • Career Guidance: in career guidance Good teaching and counseling give them the potential to do their best. They allow them to make informed choices.
  • Youth Empowerment: AIHE encourages and supports youth efforts, creating employment opportunities and self-reliance.
  • The institute actively brings women into the nation. It brings them into the recognized.
  • Sanitation creativity: AIHE contributes to satisfactory sanitation work in rural and far areas.
  • Health Awareness Campaigns: Organizing health awareness campaigns in rural areas is a priority.

Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education offers technical consultancy. It also provides skilled staff for the health sector and public groups.

Academic Divisions

AIHE’s academic structure includes various divisions, each of them contributing to holistic education:


Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education - Academic Divisions

This division focuses on training associated health professionals. It provides them with essential skills.

  • Nursing Education Division: AIHE offers nursing courses, including B.Sc. Nursing and General Nursing Midwifery (GNM).
  • Skill Training Division: Practical skills are refined or perfected through skill training programs.
  • Distance Education Division: AIHE extends education beyond physical boundaries through distance learning.
  • IT & Management Division: The institute recognizes the importance of IT and management education.

Courses & Fees – Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education

Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) in Patna, Bihar offers many courses like Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degrees, Nursing and Medical Laboratory Technology, Diploma programs in Medical Lab Technology, and Operation Theatre Technology.

Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education - Courses & Fees 2024-2025

They also provide programs in Physiotherapy and Health & Sanitary Inspection, D.Pharm programs, Master of Optometry, and Ophthalmic Technology (M.Optom) programs and ANM Programs.

In addition, Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education provides Certification Courses and a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Nursing. Each course has different lengths, fees, and criteria. They are for students with diverse interests and career goals.

CourseDurationSpecializationsFirst-Year FeesEligibility
B.Sc (Bachelor of Science)4 yearsNursing, Medical Laboratory Technology₹2.32 Lakhs10+2
Diploma2 yearsMedical Lab Technology, Operation Theatre Technology, Physiotherapy, Health & Sanitary Inspector₹40,57510+2
D.Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy)2 years₹1.1 Lakhs10+2
M.Optom (Master of Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology)2 years₹78,575Graduation
ANM (Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery)2 years₹80,57510+2
Certification CoursesVaries₹35,57510+2
M.Sc (Master of Science)2 yearsNursing₹80,575Graduation

Courses Offered by Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education

AIHE’s various course offerings serve different career paths:

  • Paramedical Courses: AIHE provides vast paramedical training.
  • Pharmacy Courses: The institute offers pharmacy-related programs.
  • Nursing Division:
  • B.Sc. Nursing: A hard program preparing skilled nurses.
  • General Nursing Midwifery (GNM): Focused on holistic nursing care.
  • IT & Management Division: AIHE emphasizes joining technology and management skills.

Impact and Outreach

AIHE’s impact spreads far from its campus walls. Let’s explore how it has affected various entrepreneurs:


AIHE graduates are well-prepared for the healthcare industry. They have practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

The institute offers career guidance. It ensures that students are informed to make choices about their careers.

Youth empowerment initiatives encourage entrepreneurship and self-dependence among students.

Women Empowerment

AIHE actively promotes women’s integration into the mainstream. By offering quality education, it empowers women to contribute to society effectively.

Female students pursuing nursing and paramedical courses find a supportive environment at AIHE.

Rural Sanitation

AIHE’s commitment to sanitation initiatives impacts rural communities. By training professionals in sanitation practices, the institute contributes to public health.

Health Awareness

Through health awareness campaigns, Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education educates communities about preventive healthcare measures.

These campaigns understand the gap between urban and rural populations, promoting overall welfare.

Technical Consultancy

AIHE’s technical consultancy services benefit the health sector and public organizations. Skilled manpower support enhances service delivery.

Challenges and Future Prospects

While AIHE has achieved significant milestones, challenges remain:

Infrastructure Enhancement: Continued investment in infrastructure is crucial for maintaining high-quality education.

We should strengthen ties with healthcare organizations and industry players. This will enhance job opportunities for students.

Research and Innovation are key. Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education will raise its academic standing. We need to encourage faculty and students to participate.

Summary is here

Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education continues to form skilled professionals. Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education makes big contributions to the healthcare sector. AIHE is strictly committed to excellence. It stands high as a light ray of education in Bihar. Official Website

FAQs – 

Which university is affiliated with the Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education?

AIHE is affiliated with Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna.

What is the NIRF ranking of Dr. Ambedkar College?

The institution has achieved a 163 rank. that was in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). AIHE offers graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses.

Is Ambedkar University a good college?

AIHE’s reputation and quality of education contribute to its respected standing.

Which college is No. 1 in NIRF ranking?

The No. 1 ranking depends on different years and categories. AIHE focuses on excellence in paramedical and nursing education.

What is the old name of Ambedkar University?

The institute’s previous name not be mentioned. But, it has developed into AIHE, focusing on Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy.

Is Ambedkar University government or private?

AIHE works under the Society-Social Welfare Organisation of India. It is linked with a government university.

Is Ambedkar University approved by UGC?

AIHE is affiliated with the University Grants Commission (UGC). It follows the UGC’s guidelines.

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