How to Use Google’s Gemini AI in Its Bard Chatbot 2024

How to Use Google’s Gemini AI Right Now in Its Bard Chatbot

Discover Google’s cutting-edge Gemini AI, a large language model available in Nano, Pro, and Ultra sizes. Nano for quick on-device tasks, Pro for versatility, and Ultra, the most powerful, coming soon. Accessible on Pixel 8 Pro and within Bard, this AI delivers advanced text-based capabilities.


Google has unveiled its latest large language model, Gemeni AI, available in Nano, Pro, and Ultra sizes. Nano is for fast on-device tasks, Pro serves as a versatile middle-tier, and Ultra is the most powerful, set to be available next year. The AI, currently accessible on Pixel 8 Pro and within Bard, offers advanced text-based capabilities.

Gemini AI Overview:

Google’s Gemeni AI comes in three sizes, each catering to different user needs. Nano is for quick on-device tasks, Pro is a versatile workhorse, and Ultra is the most powerful. Gemeni is still undergoing safety checks and will be available next year.

AI in Bard:

Gemeni Nano is accessible on Pixel 8 Pro, enhancing features in the Recorder app and Gboard’s Smart Reply. Gemeni Pro is available within Bard, providing users with advanced text-based capabilities. The integration with Bard significantly improves user interactions.

How to Use Gemini Pro in Bard:

  1. Visit Bard’s Website: Go to the Bard website using your web browser.
  2. Log In with Google Account: Sign in using your Google account credentials.
  3. Enhanced Bard Experience: Enjoy the advanced features of Gemeni Pro within Bard for an interactive chat experience.

Limitations of Gemini in Bard:

While Gemeni Pro enhances Bard, it has limitations. It’s currently available only in English, limiting its global accessibility.

How to Use Google’s Gemini AI Right Now in Its Bard Chatbot 2024

The integration within Bard is limited, with ongoing improvements expected. Gemeni Pro is not available in the European Union, and currently, only the text-based version is accessible.

Try Pro in Bard:

Google’s Gemeni Pro, a competitor to ChatGPT, is available for free in Bard. Access it easily and experience its capabilities directly within Bard. Gemeni offers a glimpse into the future of AI interactions.

Gemeni Ultra and Future Plans:

Google hints at Gemeni Ultra’s release in 2024, featuring advanced capabilities across text, images, audio, video, and code. Bard Advanced may host Gemeni Ultra. No subscription plan has been announced yet.

Accessing Gemini Pro in Bard:

If you have a Google account, accessing Gemeni Pro in Bard is simple. Visit the Bard website, log in, and explore Gemeni Pro’s capabilities. Note that it’s an experimental feature with potential glitches.

Gemeni Pro vs. Gemiei Ultra:

Gemeni Ultra is designed as the most capable mode, handling complex tasks across various formats. Gemeni Nano, for smartphones, is available in Pixel 8 Pro for WhatsApp replies.

Gemini Pro’s Free Availability:

Despite its premium name, Gemeni Pro is free to use within Bard. Google’s approach is similar to ChatGPT, where the latest model (GPT-4) requires a monthly subscription. Gemeni Ultra’s arrival and availability in Bard Advanced are anticipated.

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Experiment with Gemini Pro:

As an experimental feature, Gemeni Pro in Bard may encounter software glitches. Bard’s integration with other Google services offers additional functionalities, enhancing your experience.

Gemini Ultra’s Advanced Capabilities:

Google teases Gemeni Ultra’s advanced capabilities, set to handle diverse tasks. Stay tuned for its potential release inside Bard Advanced.

Guidelines for Prompting Bard:

When interacting with Bard, consider its reputation for potential inaccuracies. Craft better prompts for a more effective and accurate response. Explore Bard’s integration with other Google services, tagging relevant services in your prompts.


Google’s Gemeni AI presents an exciting opportunity for users to experience advanced language processing. While Gemeni Pro is currently accessible in Bard for free, users can anticipate further improvements, including the release of Gemeni Ultra in 2024. Explore the potential of Gemeni AI within Bard, experiment with prompts, and witness the future of AI interactions.

FAQs: Google’s Gemini AI in Bard Chatbot

  1. What is Gemini AI, and how does it differ from its predecessor?

– Gemeni AI is Google’s latest large language model, available in Nano, Pro, and Ultra sizes. It surpasses its predecessor in power and capabilities.

  1. What are the three sizes of Gemini AI, and how are they designed for users?

– Gemeni AI comes in Nano (for on-device tasks), Pro (a versatile middle-tier), and Ultra (the most powerful). Each size caters to different user needs.

  1. Is Gemini AI available for use now, and where can users access it?

– Gemeni AI, starting with Nano, is accessible on Pixel 8 Pro. Gemeni Pro is available within Bard, Google’s chatbot.

  1. How does Gemini AI enhance user interactions within Bard?

– Gemeni’s advanced capabilities in text-based processing improve Bard’s understanding of user intent, resulting in more accurate and high-quality responses.

  1. What is the integration of Gemini AI with Bard, and how does it handle different types of content?

– Gemeni’s multimodal processing allows Bard to handle images, audio, video, and text seamlessly, creating a natural user experience.

  1. Can users try Gemini Pro for free, and how can they access it in Bard?

– Yes, Gemeni Pro is free to use in Bard. Users can access it by visiting the Bard website, logging in with their Google account, and experiencing advanced text-based capabilities.

  1. What are the limitations of Gemini Pro in Bard?

– Gemeni Pro is currently available only in English. The integration within Bard is ongoing, with improvements expected. It is not available in the European Union.

  1. Is Gemini Pro the final version, or are there future releases?

– Gemeni Pro is part of Google’s ongoing experimentation. Google hints at the release of Gemeni Ultra in 2024, featuring advanced capabilities.

  1. Is there a subscription plan for Gemini AI, similar to ChatGPT?

– Gemeni Pro in Bard is currently free to use. Gemeni Ultra’s subscription plan and potential integration with Bard Advanced are yet to be announced.

  1. How can users experiment with Gemini Pro in Bard effectively?

– Users can experiment by crafting better prompts for Bard, understanding its current limitations, and exploring its integration with other Google services.

  1. What are the expected advancements in Gemini AI, and how can users stay updated?

– Google plans to enhance Gemeni AI’s capabilities, and users can stay updated on future releases and features by following official announcements and updates.

  1. Are there guidelines for interacting with Bard and maximizing the benefits of Gemini Pro?

– Yes, users are encouraged to consider Bard’s potential inaccuracies, craft effective prompts, and explore additional functionalities through Bard’s integration with other Google services.

  1. Can users in the European Union expect access to Gemini Pro in Bard in the future?

– While Gemeni Pro is currently not available in the European Union, future updates may expand its accessibility. Users are advised to stay informed about potential expansions.

  1. How can users report glitches or issues encountered while using Gemini Pro in Bard?

– Users can report glitches or issues through Google’s feedback channels or support platforms to contribute to the ongoing improvement of Gemeni AI in Bard.

  1. Is there a community or forum for users to share experiences and tips related to Gemini AI in Bard?

– Users can explore online forums, community discussions, or Google’s official channels to connect with others, share experiences, and gather insights on using Gemeni AI in Bard.

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