Pawan Ganga Educational Centre – Making Education Better

Pawan Ganga Educational Centre: Making the Bright Future for Students

Pawan Ganga Educational CentreThe Pawan Ganga Educational Centre is located in Hiran Kudna, Delhi. This institution has been growing students for many years. It makes them ready for academic and professional success. This article gives a detailed overview of the Pawan Ganga Educational Centre. It explains why students and parents prefer it.

About Pawan Ganga Educational Centre

Pawan Ganga Educational Centre is part of Ganga International School. It is located on Rohtak Road in New Delhi.The Pawan Ganga Educational Centre is close to Ghevra and Mundka Metro Stations, about 2km away. The center’s planned location allows students to access it from different locations.

Educational Offerings

Pawan Ganga Educational Center provides a wide series of educational programs that fulfill various needs of students. The center provides quality education.It encourages learning and personal growth. The curriculum helps students learn the skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields of study.

Why Choose Pawan Ganga Educational Centre?

Choosing the right school is very difficult for the parents. It can affect a student’s future greatly. Here are a few reasons why Pawan Ganga Educational Centre is special –The center focuses on teaching students to become good at what they’re studying.The center has an experienced faculty dedicated to students’ academic success. The faculty members are experts in their fields.Pawan Ganga Educational Centre, Pawan Ganga Educational Centre 1, Pawan Ganga Educational Centre Rohtak Road, Pawan Ganga Educational Centre Nearest Metro, Pawan Ganga Educational Centre Nearest Metro StationThe center provides modern facilities for a good learning environment.Holistic Development: Besides education, the center also focuses on encouraging student participation in extracurricular activities to promote their overall development.

History and Establishment

Pawan Ganga Educational Centre is part of Ganga International School. The school was established in 1989. This center is operated under the guidance of the Pawan Ganga Educational Society. In the past few years, it has become a famous educational institution that offers high-quality education in various fields like technology, architecture, management, science, and humanities.

Courses and Programs

The center provides many educational programs that help students with various needs. This center is approved by NCTE, Jaipur, and affiliated with MDU, Rohtak.Ganga Institute of Education, a part of the same community, offers educational programs. The institute provides B.Ed. and M.Ed. courses.

Faculty and Infrastructure

The center has teachers who are experts in their subjects. They use new and creative ways to help students learn better.Pawan Ganga Educational Centre, Pawan Ganga Educational Centre 1, Pawan Ganga Educational Centre Rohtak Road, Pawan Ganga Educational Centre Nearest Metro, Pawan Ganga Educational Centre Nearest Metro StationThe center has modern facilities like advanced labs, good classrooms, a helpful library, and computers.

Achievements and Recognition

The Ganga Institute of Technology and Management has been awarded an ‘A’ grade by NAAC. This institution belongs to the same group.Its official recognition by NCTE, Jaipur, and affiliation with MDU, Rohtak, reflects its dedication to maintaining excellence in education, facilities, faculty, and overall academic standards.

Reviews and Feedback

The center received praise for quality education and holistic student growth. The institution has some areas where it can improve, as suggested by certain reviews.

Summary is here

Pawan Ganga Educational Centre is a preferred choice for students. The center is committed to quality education and holistic development. The center influences education by encouraging learning and development. 


Pawan Ganga Educational Center is a school in Hiran Kudna, Delhi. It helps students to crack exams like SSC CGL and SSC Government. They have a canteen, free bag storage, and wheelchair-friendly entrance and parking.

At Pawan Ganga Educational Centre you can explore Canteen, Bag storage, Parking, Nearby metro station, Clean bathrooms, Drinking water, Spacious open areas, Green fields, and Air-conditioned labs

At Pawan Ganga Educational Centre, you not only get regular online classes. but also you can gain a lot of knowledge. Advance your career, and find many opportunities. Start your learning journey with us and explore the way for a bright and smart future!

Pawan Ganga Educational Centre offers a wide range of online courses like technology, business, arts, and sciences.

Pawan Ganga Educational Centre is located at Pawan Ganga Educational Centre 1, C/O Ganga International School, Hiran Kudna, Rohtak Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India, 110041.
Nearest Metro Stations: Ghevra Metro Station and Mundka Metro Station, both about 2 kilometers away from the center.

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