10 December Current Affairs 2021

10 December Current Affairs 2021 इतिहास की मुख्य घटनाओ के साथ 

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1. World Inequality Lab releases World Inequality Report 2022
2. Human Rights Day will be celebrated across the world today
3. Kajuveli Wetland Declared 16th Bird Sanctuary of Tamil Nadu
4. PV Sindhu Won Silver Medal in Badminton World Federation World Tour Finals 2021
5. Asia Power Index Report 2021 released, India 4th most powerful country
6. Shruti Sitara wins Miss Trans Global Universe 2021 title
7. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin extended till the year 2024
8. NITI Aayog Launches ‘E-Sawaari India E-Bus Alliance’
9. IIT Kanpur Scientist Ropesh Goyal Wins “Young Geospatial Scientist” Award
10. World’s Oldest Test Cricketer Ilene Ashe Dies At The Age Of 110
11. US Announces Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
12. Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu releases book ‘The Midway Battle: Modi’s Roller Coaster Second Term’ authored by Gautam Chintamani


Panchang includes the main events of history  (10 December Current Affairs 2021)

Today date
10 December 2021

10 December Current Affairs 2021 Gk Result

Today on Friday Margashirsha Sudi Saptami after 19:11 Ashtami starts, friend (Vishnu) Saptami, Bhanu (Surya) Saptami, Nanda / Bhadra Saptami, disruptive Bhadra from 19:10, Panchak continues, devotee Shri Narsingh Mehta Jayanti (Differences), Chakravarti Shree Rajagopalacharya Jayanti, Martyr Veer Shree Narayan Singh Sacrifice Day (Not Confirmed), Chaudhary Digambar Singh Memorial Day, Actor Shri Ashok Kumar Memorial Day, World Human Rights Day (Universal Human Rights Day), Intifada Day (Palestinian Movement Day) , Confirmed), All India Handicrafts Week (October 08 to 14 December), National Mindful Rehabilitation Week (October 08 to 14 December) and Air Safety Day (Week, Not Confirmed).

10 December Current Affairs 2021

Tomorrow on Saturday Margashirsha Sudi Ashtami after 19:15 Navami begins, Shri Durgashtami fast, Shri Annapurnashtami, Panchak continues, disruptive Bhadra till 07:12, Sarvadoshnasak Ravi Yoga from 22:32, Shri Osho Rajneesh Janmotsav, Shri Pranab Mukherjee Birthday, Actor Dilip Kumar Birthday, Sitar player Sri Ravi Shankar Memorial Day, Sri Vishwanathan Anand Birthday, International Mountain Day and World Children’s Fund Day (UNICEF Foundation Day, United Nations).


Important events of 10th December

1582 – France starts using the Gregorian calendar.
1817 – Mississippi is acknowledged as the 20th US state.
1884 – The Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is first published in London.
1887 – The Balkan Military Agreement is signed between Austria, Hungary, Italy and Britain.
1898 – The Spanish–American War ends after the Confederation of Paris.
1901 – The first Nobel Prize ceremony is held in Stockholm, the fifth anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel.
1902 – Women are granted the right to vote in Tasmania.
1903 – Pierre Curie and Marie Curie are awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.
1929 – 17 people are killed and 60 are injured in a train accident near Namur, Belgium.
1940 – Hitler delivers a speech to munitions activists in Berlin.
1941 – Japan wins the Battle of Guam.
1945 – Alcide de Gasperi becomes Prime Minister of Italy.
1947 – Signing of a trade agreement between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.
1950 – Human Rights Day declared.
1953 – Albert Schweitzer is awarded the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize.
1960 – Albert Luthley, leader of the banned African National Congress, awarded the Nobel Prize, calls for an end to apartheid in South Africa.
1961 – Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Albania end.
1963 – The African nation of Zanzibar gained independence from Britain.
1994 – Yasser Arafat, Vitjak Rabin, and Shimon Peres jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
1998 – Amartya Sen is awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for Economics in Scotland.
1999 – Providing funding for terrorist activities declared an economic offense in accordance with the United Nations Convention to End Terrorism Internationally.

2000 – Nawaz Sharif’s family was exiled from Pakistan for ten years.
2002 – United Airlines, America’s second-largest airline, declares bankruptcy.
2003 – Negotiations between President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe fail in Colombo.
2005 – President Nur Sultan Nazar Bayeb is re-elected in the presidential election in Kazakhstan.
2006 – General Augusto Panache, the former dictator of Chile, dies in Santiago.
2007 – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf appoints three more judges to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
2013 – Uruguay becomes the first country to legalize the development, sale, and use of narcotic marijuana.
2019 – 126th Constitutional Amendment Bill passed in Lok Sabha; Compliance. Reservation for castes and tribes extended for the next ten years.
2020 – India Water Impact Summit started.
2020 – Google honored world-renowned economist, professor, and author Sir William Arthur Lewis with a special doodle.
2020 – Jena Wooldridge of England is elected President of the World Squash Federation.
2020 – Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the new Parliament House.

The person born on 10th December

1870 – Yadunath Sarkar – Famous historian.
1878 – Chakravarti Rajagopalachari – Last Governor-General of India, lawyer, writer, politician, and philosopher.
1878 – Muhammad Ali – India’s famous freedom fighter, journalist, and educationist.
1888 – Prafullachand Chaki – Freedom Fighter.
1902 – S. Nijalingappa – was the President of the Indian National Congress.
1945 – Ranjana Kumar – the first Indian woman President of NABARD.

Died on 10th December

1679 – Yashwant Singh was an influential feudatory of Aurangzeb’s court.
1896 – Alfred Bernhard Nobel, Swedish chemist and founder of the Nobel Prize, died.
1963 – Panikkar, K. M. – Famous politician, politician, and scholar from Mysore (Karnataka).
1995 – Chaudhary Digamber Singh – Freedom fighter and famous leader.
2001 – Ashok Kumar – Indian actor.
2009 – Dilip Chitre, Marathi writer, poet, and critic.
2020 – Veteran dancer Astad Debu passed away at the age of 73.

Important occasions and celebrations of December 10

Om Bhakta Shri Narsingh Mehta Jayanti (differences).
Om Chakravarti Sri Rajagopalacharya Jayanti.
Shaheed Veer Shree Narayan Singh Sacrifice Day (Not Confirmed).
Choudhary Digambar Singh Memorial Day.
Actor Shri Ashok Kumar Memorial Day.
World Human Rights Day (Universal Human Rights Day).
Intifada Day (Palestinian Movement Day, confirm).
All India Handicrafts Week (October 08 to 14 December).
National Mental Rehabilitation Week (released from 08 to 14 December).
Air Safety Day (week, not confirmed).


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