Accenture Free Internship 2022

Accenture Free Internship 2022|free internship certificateVirtual|Experience Program

Accenture Free Internship 2022

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share with you a wonderful opportunity by Accenture i.e. a Nordic Virtual Experience Programme, an online internship program launched by Accenture.

Are you looking for this Accenture Internship, Virtual Experience Program? Do you also dream to work as a consultant or developer in Accenture?

So, it is time to fulfill your dreams, Accenture comes with an online internship program that allows you to develop your skills by working as a developer or consultant and solving real-time problems faced by clients. provides an opportunity to.

Consultant Virtual Internship Program by Accenture?

About the Consultant Virtual Internship Program by Accenture

By participating in the Accenture Consultant Program, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in an environment that reflects the capabilities and responsibilities of our teams in the real world.

You will learn skills such as project and stakeholder management, decision-making, data interpretation, user experience, and process design.

In short, these are the skills we think will give you an edge in everything you do, from completing your university assignments to working on personal projects and starting your career.

Roles and Responsibilities as a interns

  • As an Accenture Consultant, you will help a client improve their health app through a realistic e-health project. Now you will be able to use your skills here to do things like
  • Priorities and planning for a project
  • User Journey Redesign: Analyzing Results
  • Prioritizing customer communication and impact analysis

What you Gain from this Internship Program 

About the Developer Virtual Internship Program by Accenture

Through this Accenture Developer Program, you’ll gain hands-on experience with what our developers and technical advisors do for real customers.

You will learn skills in areas such as architecture, requirements, programming, artificial intelligence, testing, cyber security, and application security. These skills will prepare you for long-term success and give you an edge in your personal and professional life.

Whether you already know how to use your degree or are still not sure, the Accenture Nordic Developer Program will show you how a career at Accenture can help you make a difference in the world.

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Roles and Responsibilities as a Developer

As developer interns at Accenture,  interns will solve real problems for clients and use their skills that can help them to build a career as a developer. You will use your skills in doing such kind of work so that you do not have to face any such problems in the future. As a developer intern at Accenture, you will solve real problems for clients and use skills that can help you build a career as a developer. You’ll use your skills to do things like:

  • Architecture
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Programming
  • Security
  • Test

How to get the Certificate?

  • First, you have to choose your program, whether you want to join this virtual experience program as a consultant or developer.
  • After that, sign up for the special program through the apply link.
  • Now, complete module tasks and get feedback. The program takes 4-7 hours and seems to be quite flexible.
  • After you finish, you’ll receive a certificate to show off to potential employers and your network. Study and work using your newfound talents.

Additional benefits you will get in Accenture Free Internship

  • Join the Accenture Team
    Find jobs that match your skills and interests. Accenture seeks out curious, innovative, solution-oriented team players.
  • keep up-to-date
    Get career advice, insider perspectives, and industry-leading insights from Accenture experienced employees.
  • job alert email
    Choose your subscription to receive job alerts, news, and tips. Discover rewarding possibilities.

How to apply  for Accenture Free Internship 2022

Interested candidate who wants to apply for Accenture Free Internship 2022. You can apply through the links given below. Read the above information carefully to apply for the Accenture Free Internship. Before applying, you are advised to read the official notification. And you can check our website to get information about such online courses, internships, and certificate-free courses absolutely free. And can get upcoming new courses.

Apply Click here
Join TelegramClick here
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